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Choose from a range of blinds and shutters for your VELUX™ roof window.  A huge range of colours and designs are available and you can choose from blackout, light-dimming, heat protection, insect screen and more!  We are sure to have something to suit your needs.  They can also be manually operated, solar powered or electric.

We can offer you a blind or shutter solution for every type of roof window, whether you have a skylight, flat roof window or pitched roof.

Advantages of choosing a VELUX™ blind

  • Perfect fit - VELUX blinds are designed to perfectly fit VELUX sloping and flat roof windows.

  • Variety of styles - there is an extensive range of styles, fabrics and colour options to suit every space.

  • Light and warmth control - gives you more control and flexibility over your room's light and warmth levels, enhancing comfort.

  • Energy efficiency - some VELUX blinds like the blackout energy pleated blind improve insulation  by up to 25%, maintaining a more comfortable temperature and possibly reducing energy costs.

  • Blackout options - great for bedrooms, blackout roller blinds block out all incoming light, day or night - great for the perfect nights sleep.

  • Child safety - child-safe cordless designs to ensure the safety in your home.

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