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If you're looking to make changes in your home to help you save on rising energy bills, window shutters and blinds can help reduce heat loss, making your home more efficient.

With the rising cost of energy, this is great way to save on your heating costs.

Choosing a better insulated window covering is a key part of the process to make your home as insulated as possible.  Double glazing, loft and wall insulation are already a key part of homes, but choosing to invest in a new window treatment can make your property even more energy efficient.


Both shutters and blinds have now been recognised by the UK Government as Energy Saving Technologies 

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Homes lose heat through windows in four main ways:

  • Conduction - Direct heat loss through a window

  • Convection - The cold surfaceof the glass cools the air inside

  • Radiation or re-radiation - The cold surface of the glass absorbs the heat from the air in the room

  • Air leakage - Heat loss through the gaps in the frame or poorly installed glazing

Help reduce energy consumption with your window coverings

​If you're not familiar with the term 'solar shading', it is a term that relates to what we use in our homes to control the levels of sunlight.  That could include blinds, shutters, curtains, window film or awnings.

Choosing the right form of solar shading helps reduce the amount of energy used throughout the home, by:

  • Helping keep heat in (meaning radiators can be turned down)

  • Helping keep the sun out (reducing need for fans or air conditioning)

  • Using natural light more efficiently (reducing time using electric lights)

  • Reducing fading caused by UV rays on fabrics and furnishings

Also, research has shown beyond doubt that blinds made from energy saving materials are truly effective in preventing heat loss through windows.  

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