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We have a wide range of shutter materials, textures and finishes for you to choose from. S:CRAFT shutters are renowned for their versatility and quality of finish, made to fit your space.

There is a product range to suit every taste and budget, from entry level MDF Antigua, through to top of the range sustainably sourced White Teak shutters in the aluminium security range as well as water resistant ABS.

SCraft Plantation shutters


Antigua Shutter

The Antigua range is made from high quality MDF covered in a patented polymer coating.  It is the most affordable shutter product in range and is the ideal choice for high traffic area due to the robust, hardwearing benefit of MDF.  It is available in 5 different louvre sizes and 5 different shades of white.


Antigua Shutter

The Bermuda range is made from robust MDF frames and ABS louvres.  The ABS product is lighter in weight which means the panels can be made to cover a larger span than the Antigua product.  This range more closely resembles the finish of real hardwood shutters and is available in 28 contemporary colours.


Cuba Shutter

The Cuba range is made from MDF frames but featuring real hardwood panels.  This robust and lightweight combination allows the option of hardwood shutters for a smaller budget.  They are available in 6 different colours and 4 different louvre sizes.


Antigua Shutter

The Java range is made from a ABS which is a hard, lightweight plastic making them 100% waterproof.  This makes them the ideal option for bathrooms and other wet areas.  They are available in 6 shades of white and provide the perfect backdrop for a nice long soak!


Antigua Shutter

The Fiji range is made from sustainable and premium quality real hardwoods.  This product is lightweight making it the ideal choice for large openings.  It is available in a wide range of colours and stains to enable the highest quality finish.

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